5 Questions ‘The Boys’ Season 2 Needs To Answer

I didn’t know much about The Boys before I started watching the pilot, but I was extremely surprised upon completing the first season.

Amazon’s adaptation of the comic book of the same name tells the story of a clandestine group of normal-human vigilantes called “The Boys”, who embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about a group of superheroes called The Seven, who abuse their superpowers instead of using them for good, and Vought, the conglomerate that covers up their dirty secrets.

Yes, it was crass, grotesque and extremely violent, but it was also deliciously dark, quite funny at times and overall enjoyable. 

However, the first season ended on quite a few cliffhangers, which of course left me and most other viewers with many questions about how this all might play out in the already confirmed season 2. So with that being said, here are 5 questions that I would like to see The Boys season 2 answer:

Is A-Train dead?

A-Train confronts Hughie in the season finale, and ends up collapsing from a heart attack that was presumably caused by an overdose of Compound V. Starlight takes over CPR for Hughie so that he won’t get caught, but that’s all we see. Is he actually dead? We saw the Compound V somehow magically heal A-Train’s leg in a quick turnaround, so who’s to say it can’t miraculously bring him back to life if he is actually dead?

What really happened with Becca and how will Billy react?

From the very first episode, viewers knew that Billy had it out for Homelander but the details regarding the ‘why’ were vague. We learn that Billy believes Homelander raped Billy’s wife Becca and is ultimately responsible for her disappearance. Later on, we see that Homelander and Becca in fact did sleep together (and it seems consensual?), and their encounter leads to her getting pregnant. Madelyn corroborates this story, however she says that Becca and the child both died as a result of the birth. But as we see in the season’s final moments, Homelander reveals to Billy that both Becca and the child are actually alive. 

WAIT WHAT? HOLD UP. Becca and the baby survived? Why did they have to hide in secret for this long? Where were they hiding this whole time? How did Homelander find them? Will Billy try to get back with Becca and become a “father” to her child? Or will he feel too betrayed? Will he still feel motivated to take down Vought? SO MANY QUESTIONS! 

Will Starlight branch out from “The Seven”?

We’ve known from the very beginning that Starlight is way too good for The Seven, which is why it’s heartbreaking to see her demeaned, disrespected, sexually assaulted, compromised morally within hours of arriving to Vought headquarters. At the end of season one, we see her start to take back ownership of her own person and branch out to help Hughie and “The Boys”, despite the fact that they coming after her employer. Will this decision push her to leave The Seven and pursue something more important, like being a good person and helping those who need it the most? Plus, the rest of The Seven already accused her of betraying them, so how will they react to this news once it comes to light? Will they force her out of the group or see this as a momentary lapse in judgement?

What happens to The Boys? 

The Boys are not in a good place at the end of the season. Not only have their identities have been leaked to Vought, their families have been taken into protective custody and all of Vought’s resources are being devoted to hunting them down. Due to their status quo, will they decide that taking down Vought is still a mission worth pursuing? Billy also left the guys hanging in the season finale to go after Stillwell and ultimately bring down Homelander. So will they eventually reunite with him? Only time will tell, but my bet is this is will happen sooner rather than later! 

What’s next for Vought International after Madelyn’s death?

Things did not end well for Madelyn as Homelander literally fried her brain with his laser-beam eyes. So that begs the question: who will replace her as the vice president of Vought? One would assume that it would be Stan Edgar, who we were introduced to briefly in the finale as Stillwell’s superior. Homelander also mentioned a desire to break off and live free without the corporate control of Vought International. Could Madelyn’s death be the first stage of an elaborate plan to take down the company from within in season 2? With The Seven, I’m assuming anything is possible.

What questions do you hope are answered in season 2? Let me know in the comments below!

The Boys is now available to stream on Amazon Prime

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