‘The Flash’ 6×02 recap: Barry taps into the future post-‘Crisis’

In last week’s season premiere of The Flash, Barry learned of his impending death thanks to a visit from The Monitor. In Tuesday’s episode, the hero saw something much worse.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of went down in Tuesday’s episode.

Barry needs a second opinion

The episode picks up just seconds after The Monitor’s visit in last week’s episode. Barry is certain he was given powers for this specific moment: to save billions of people from dying. He needs a second opinion and wants to time travel to December 11, the day after the big crisis event. However, as Barry is traveling, he is stopped by a wall of anti-matter and gets injured.

Side note: for those who aren’t comic book nerds like myself, the Anti-Monitor is the one who is at the center of this crisis and the main ingredient is anti-matter.

Anyway, Barry then remembers his fellow speedster Jay Garrick over on Earth-Three and goes to tell him about what’s going on. And this is where things get a little bit crazy for everyone involved.

Barry’s frightening vision

Jay informs Barry that his mind can travel into the future but his body physically cannot or else he would die. So with the help of Jay’s wife Joan, who is Barry’s mom’s doppleganger, he gets strapped in and ready to witness the events.

What Barry sees is truly horrific. He not only sees Iris and all of Team Flash die, but he feels it as well. The only way to prevent everyone’s death is by Barry sacrificing himself. Then, he sees his own death.

“Now I know the Monitor is right. I have to die,” Barry says.

Jay and Joan take Barry back home to Iris, who gets caught up on everything. Barry is feeling like he is giving up by accepting death, but a talk with Joe changes his attitude toward it. Joe tells Barry a story about a near death experience of his own and explains that while he was scared, he understood it came with the job.

“When we hear the call of duty, we’re willing to make that sacrifice,” Joe says. “That’s not giving up; that’s what you call resilience.”

Barry realizes that he must then inform the rest of the team about everything that is going on, in order to prepare them for a world without The Flash.

Episode Notes

  • The main plot of the episode centered around Cecile and a meta who controls radio waves named Allegra Garcia. Essentially,. Allegra was accused of a crime but Cecile sensed she’s innocent. After some digging, Allegra’s sister Esperanza was thought to be dead after the particle accelerator exploded. However, she is alive and was dubbed UltraViolet after a secret organization found her (This secret organization is called “The Black Hole” in the comics). The Flash saves the day and Allegra goes to work with Iris at The Citizen.
  • Killer Frost had some issues in her first full day of being “normal”. Danielle Panabaker did a great job with this new role and brought out a new side to Frost, who I’ll nickname “Edgey Frost” for a few episodes.
  • Dr. Ramsey Rosso met up with some shady dude to buy a dark matter gun. Rosso ends up killing the dude or so we think. But as the episode fades to black, the shady dude attacks Dr. Rosso.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesday’s at 8/7c on The CW.

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