Maggie Schneider Releases New Single “Mixed Signals”

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Maggie Schneider just released her brand new single, “Mixed Signals”.

Written by Schneider and produced by Alex Downtain and Ben Humkey at Homegrown Studios, the song is about the frustrations that come from dating today. Schneider said she wrote this song last summer about a relationship that was full of mixed signals.

“It’s safe to say that we’ve all been frustrated with a relationship that blows hot and cold,” she said. “The person you like won’t text you back for weeks but then shows up at your door with some crazy romantic gesture. I think there are even more mixed signals that arise with online dating and the ways that people connect with each other today. You can’t truly get to know somebody who says they love you one day and then doesn’t talk to you the next.”

Schneider’s new single is just as strong as it’s predecessor, “Don’t Tell Me”. If you’re familiar with Schneider, you can definitely hear the elements of rock and indie pop music that she was inspired by throughout the song. However, the highlight of the song is without a doubt the chorus; not only does it make you want to get up and dance all around the room, it’s extremely catchy and is sure to be stuck in your head for days on end.

Overall, “Mixed Signals” is yet another great release from Schneider. If these last two songs that she’s released are any indication of what we can expect from her upcoming album, us listeners are in for a treat.

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