Recap/Review: ‘Good Trouble’ 2×15

This week’s episode is Good Trouble at it’s best. Although I’ve enjoyed getting to spend a lot of time with a select few characters each week, I will always prefer the episodes where we get to see the entire gang together. 

So without further ado, let’s dive in to this week’s episode!

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Callie is freaking out because the ring that was in Jamie’s drawer in his closet is suddenly no longer there. Mariana gets into her head via text, so Callie is convinced that Jamie is definitely going to propose that night despite the fact that they haven’t talked about getting engaged.

As the party is going on, Callie tries to indirectly ask Jamie questions about the possible proposal, like whether or not he left anything valuable in his car. But doesn’t offer up any valuable information. Isabella of all people tries to help Callie out; during their game of Never Have I Ever, she fills in her blank Jenga piece by saying, “never have I ever bought an engagement ring for someone.” 

However, Isabella’s innocent gesture leads to a huge fight between Callie and Mariana. Callie is pissed that Isabella knows stuff that she thought she was telling Mariana in confidence. In a moment of anger, Callie finally admits that she read the Coterie Biatches text thread, but insists it’s not the reason she moved out. Their conversation ends with both of them admitting that they feel like they don’t like each other anymore. “Maybe we’re not best friends anymore,” Callie says. “Maybe we’re just sisters.”  

On the way out of The Coterie the next morning, Callie finally asks Jamie directly about the engagement ring. He tells her it wasn’t for her; in fact, he bought it for his ex who ultimately said no to his proposal. 

Freeform/Chistopher Willard

Mariana + Raj

Mariana is struggling to figure out which of three presents she should give to Raj for Valentine’s Day. Everyone gives her conflicting advice, which makes her more confused. They just said “I love you” to each other so she wants their first Valentine’s Day to be perfect. 

While they’re playing lap dance musical chairs, Raj gets a lap dance from Isabella and is super uncomfortable the whole time. But not because he thinks she’s gross; in fact it’s quite the opposite. Every time he sees her, he thinks about the sex dream he had about her. Raj ends up having a heart to heart with Jamie in the bathroom about his situation, who gives him a piece of advice. “A fantasy is one thing,” he says. “A fantasy motivated by things – that’s dangerous territory.”

During the Jenga game, Raj pulls a block that says share your hidden talent. He’s not sure what to do is Isabella suggests he do a magic trick. We then see Mariana crying to Isabella in her room over the fact that she didn’t even know Raj was into magic. Isabella tries to calm her down and gives Mariana a book about magic that she bought as a “thank you for helping me put my shelves together” gift and insists Mariana give it to Raj herself. 

Raj is very thrilled with what he declares the “best” Valentine’s Day gift he’s ever received. Raj is reading the book after breakfast and Isabella makes an off-hand comment about how she knew he’d love it. He clearly is a little suspicious of Isabella helping Mariana “brainstorm” but doesn’t say anything.

(Freeform/Chistopher Willard

Dennis + Davia

It seems like love may be in the air for Dennis and Davia! Dennis finally gets the guts to ask Davia to an “anti-Valentines Day” dinner that night, which she accepts. Not exactly what I or matchmaker Alice had in mind but I’ll take it! Dennis even gets dressed up and practices telling Davia he loves her in the mirror. How cute!

However, things slowly start backfiring. First, Davia ends up changing their plans and asking if they can just order in instead, which Dennis reluctantly agrees to. Then, as the night goes on, Davia keeps swiping through her dating app RIGHT IN FRONT OF DENNIS, who would probably hesitate to use the term jealous but he totally is. 

At the end of the night, Davia and Dennis end up in Dennis’ room and you can cut the sexual tension with a night. But as we see in a flashback, all hope of anything romantic happening between them was lost when Davia admits she took shrooms. Dennis ends up letting her talk his ear off and tuck her in to bed when she fell asleep. 

Before Dennis returned with breakfast the next morning, he stopped by a group therapy session. He admits to them that he’s in love with Davia and that he wants to tell her. He opens up to them and tells them that he feels guilty for moving on with life, especially because his ex Jennifer is getting re-married. “I feel like somebody has to grieve our son,” 

Dennis gets emotional talking about everything Davia’s done for him. “I may not even be here without her,” he admits. His fellow therapy attendees warn him, though, that it can be hard to distinguish between need and love when experiencing grief, which is why it’s best not to start any new relationship too soon.

Episode Notes

  • The whole cast singing “Up Where We Belong” is everything I didn’t know I needed and more. The amount of times I’ve rewatched this scene is embarrassing. 
  • Seeing that clip of Gael and Callie talking about how she’s his muse BROKE ME. I just really miss them, okay?!?!
  • Also, they’ve now given a little bit of attention to the Gael and Callie relationship via flashbacks for two weeks in a row. Is this foreshadowing that the relationship could come back into play sometime soon or am I reading too much into this. 
  • The lap dance musical chairs scene might be the best thing this show has ever done. It had me smiling from ear to ear. 
  • Gael gets high on some shrooms he got from Isabella. He and Jamie try to do the lift from Dirty Dancing which results in Gael breaking his writs and Jamie getting a black eye.
  • Issac is distant all night and Malika thinks it’s because she freaked him out when she told him that she loved him. But that’s not the case at all. He’s dealing with something right now that he doesn’t want to talk about and Malika is right by his side. Malika encourages him to talk to someone about anxiety.

What did you think of the episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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