‘The Flash’ 6×10 recap: What has Iris gotten herself into?

One thing I’ve liked about the recent episodes of The Flash is that Iris is being put back into the front of the pack. This was evident in Tuesday’s midseason premiere as it looks like Mrs. West-Allen might be a tad over her head with the latest case.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in 6×10 titled “Marathon”

Iris’ digging gets her in deep doo-doo

Mrs. West-Allen was front and center in the lead storyline this week as the Citizen looked into the theft of a highly-powerful photon rifle that weaponizes meta powers. Remember that one guy who Iris went to in the midseason finale and was later found dead? That tells you the level of shadiness of things this company is doing, which is saying a lot.

Anyway, Iris met up with McCulloch Technologies CEO Joseph Carver, who tells her that her source is basically bullshit. Iris uncovers the Black Hole organization’s true dealings which leads to Carver’s assistant and part-time assassin Kimiyo Hoshi killing Iris’s source and taking aim at Iris and Team Flash. You know, just your typical day in Central City.

All of this leads to one hell of an ending. During the fight, Hoshi nicks Iris as she’s trying to escape. At first, I thought this was nothing but the post-credits scene shows this to be something massive. Iris looks at herself in a mirror, which we see in a flashback is the same word her source yelled out before he died. This gives her the idea to write Room AV3 and hold it up in the mirror. When she does, she sees that AV3 backwards spells EVA, which is the name of Carver’s dead wife. Once she gets herself into Room AV3, she searches the room and ends up finding yet another mirror. All of a sudden, two arms pull her into the mirror as the episode goes to black.

So what exactly is going on? Based on next week’s preview, it looks like Iris has changed. My theory is that whoever or whatever pulled Iris into the mirror isn’t there to hurt her. Could it be Eva in one of Carver’s experiments gone wrong? We will find out soon!

Cisco struggles post-Crisis

The other storyline that this episode focuses on is Cisco struggling with his new world post-Crisis. Cisco was visibly upset with Nash Wells for starting this “Crisis” and now there’s a brand new Earth with new villains and foes from The Flash’s past are back with upgrades according to the wiz kid.

Things got so bad that Cisco lashed out at Wells and Caitlin was brought in to talk to her friend. What I got from the conversation is that Cisco deep down misses being Vibe but is feeling stuck about where he is in his life. I absolutely love heart-to-heart’s between these two characters and it was nice to see them on screen again. Cisco is leaving Central City for a while and, after apologizing, left Wells in charge. I think going off to find himself is exactly what Cisco needs.

Episode Notes

  • The minor plot this week involved Barry and Diggle going off to Lian Yu on a case after discovering Mirakuru on a mask left by Oliver. Barry is still clearly struggling with Oliver’s death but this felt like Oliver was speaking through Diggle, telling him to slow down and enjoy life. A very nice touch.
  • I must say that it is really nice to see Iris in the journalist/detective role rather than seeing her as the leader of Team Flash. It suits her so much better and Candace Patton is doing a great job.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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