Hannah May Allison Releases New Single “Plenty of Friends”

Nashville singer-songwriter Hannah May Allison just released her first single of 2021, titled “Plenty of Friends.”

Produced by Zachary Manno, and written by Allison and Kenzie Palmer, the song talks about not wanting to remain friends with an ex after breaking up. So if you’ve ever been dumped, and then hit with the “but can we still be friends?” breakup line after, this one is definitely for you.

I’ve always loved Allison’s tracks and this one is no exception. If this first single is any indication of what we can expect from her in 2021, I expect nothing but big things from

“Plenty of Friends” can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and wherever music is streamed. For more information, make sure you visit Hannah’s website or follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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