“The Flash” 7×07 Recap: Frost Finally Meets Her Match

The Flash continued on Tuesday night with a new threat and some new trouble for Frost in the process as the Speed Force threat grew stronger.

In case you missed it, here is what went down in episode 7×07, titled “Growing Pains”.

Things get icy

The main plot of the episode revolved around an icy new villain causing havoc in Central City. Chester gets called to his first CCPD crime scene: an ice attack that killed a driver. Kramer arrives at the scene and blames Killer Frost with no proof to back those claims.

Joe points out that Frost isn’t the only criminal who uses ice, but Kramer refuses to listen and issues a warrant for her arrest. Frost heads to her old bar and meets up with the new bartender, Mark, who tells her there’s a reward for information leading to her arrest.

The news breaks while she’s at the bar and everyone wants that money, so this forces Frost to fight off the patrons and Mark gives her intel on where she can find this new ice meta. However, while Frost is chasing that lead, Caitlin is arrested by Kramer.

Chester gets a lead on the new ice meta, who calls himself Chillblaine. Chester discovers that the villain used artificial dark matter and knows Caitlin and Frost used to be the same person. It is then revealed Mark is actually Chillblaine.

Chillblaine gets Frost to the bar and reveals he was studying her so that he could set her up for his crime. That allowed him to steal back tech he made after his some very questionable experiments led him to be fired from his job. He wants her powers and planned to kill her, but The Flash and Allegra show up just in time to save her and Frost got a confession on tape.

Episode Notes

  • Kramer shows up at the bar to arrest Frost, who decides to surrender since she really did do the crimes that she’s accused of.
  • The subplot of the episode revolved around Barry and Speed Force Nora. Barry’s powers are glitching, but Nora says she is boosting his speed so it will take getting used to. This clearly bothers Barry for the whole episode. But at the end, he and Speed Force Nora talk things out and decide to start a new relationship.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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